Get Unstuck and Get Happy - A Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

November 01 - November 03, 2019

Angela Lovelett

Do you feel stuck? Overwhelmed? Like life is moving super fast before your eyes and you are still unsettled and not as happy as you want to be?Maybe you’re stuck in a relationship or in your career. Or maybe you feel held back by your finances, health or emotions. Even though you may want change, you just don’t know how to move forward. Or maybe you even believe that a better life is not possible for you at this point.If thinking hard enough about our problems actually solved them, we would all have everything figured out by now! Over thinking and worrying will simply never help. There is a better way to get unstuck and find the happiness you deserve.During this weekend retreat you will learn specific ways to redefine what is possible for you and how to create the life that you want.Through yoga, meditation, journaling, and mindfulness activities you will:- Discover why you are feeling stuck and how you got here.- Honor and accept where you are now. Begin to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.- Learn how to quiet the mind (also known as “get your brain to shut up!” ). Reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition and learn to trust this power to guide you.- Reconnect with your authentic self and your life purpose. Reevaluate your priorities and determine how you will live your life to honor what is most important to you.- Plan your next steps for living the life you want. Have the renewed confidence and support to take one action step before even leaving the retreat. This action step will help you to become unstuck and open to living a more authentically happy life.Enjoy a weekend of taking care of yourself and your needs. The tranquil retreat center at Menla in the Catskills offers beautiful accommodations, healthy cuisine (cooked for you!), a world class spa, hiking trails, fitness room and plenty of spaces to just relax and focus on you! We will be staying at the Snow Lion house and using the Tara Sanctuary for yoga.
ScheduleFriday, November 1st
  • 3 - 8pm Check in and Explore!
  • 6 - 7pm Dinner
  • 7:30pm Yoga Restorative Practice: Quiet the Mind and Relax the Body
Saturday, November 2nd
  • 8 - 9am Breakfast
  • 9:30 - 11:30am Yoga/Meditation: Begin to Release Emotions and Limiting Beliefs
  • 12 - 1pm Lunch
  • 1 - 4pm YOU TIME. Enjoy Spa Services, Hiking, Journaling, Fitness Room, or Take a Nap!
  • 4 - 5:30pm Mindfulness Activities: Reconnect with Your Inner Wisdom and Discover Your Priorities for Your Life.
  • 6 - 7pm Dinner
  • 7:30 - 8:30pm Yoga Nidra and Time to Relax and Unwind!
Sunday, November 3rd
  • 7 - 11am Pack up and Check Out
  • 8 - 9am Breakfast
  • 9:30 - 11:30am Yoga for Clarity and Strength / Planning First Action Step to Getting Unstuck
  • 12 - 1pm Lunch
  • 1 - 4pm YOU TIME . Hike, Journal, Spa, Relax / Departure
*Please Note that Schedule is Subject to Change


Angela Lovelett

Angela Lovelett is a graduate of the Yoga Alliance teacher training where she studied under Lesley Fightmaster in Dana Point, California. She has been practicing yoga since 2001 when she went looking for a way to get out of her head and more in tune with her body and soul. Ang...


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