May 24 - May 27, 2019


Personally, and collectively, one of the greatest needs of the time is an increased capacity for insight and inspiration.Life always draws us ever outwards in a stream of constant demands and activity. Even so, we live in a modern world that’s more and more prescriptive. Inundated with instructions, it’s all too common to become stuck in “what to do”, rather than “how to be”.As a consequence, we can lose confidence and self trust in our own sense of being, disconnecting us from the inner resources that hold the key to an experience of life infused with insight and inspiration. Yet these are the cues, and the capacities, from within that guide us towards how to be, now.And how to be is in fact a full state of being; that far from excluding action, it has as its hallmark spontaneous right action and participation.As meditators we practice a technique that creates a foundation for these greater capacities, yet this alone is rarely enough.For millennia the call to Retreat has been integral to personal transformation. This conscious choice to remove from familiar surroundings and detach from distraction is even more relevant now. Retreat is not an escape; it’s an opportunity to recalibrate and accelerate our growth. A Retreat can jump-start a new level of inner functioning that is sustained even when we go back to our day-to-day lives.Come and enjoy this opportunity for Retreat with master Vedic teachers Neil and Melanie Kirkbride. Surrender to the simple structure of the days, be nurtured and supported, immerse in the peaceful setting, and experience the profound benefits that come as we let go of do, do, do.Meditators will receive daily teaching and supreme knowledge in sessions that explore the source of increased insight and inspiration, and the vast potential of our inner capacities to guide us how to be now.These explorations are grounded with practical guidance on how to cultivate these inner resources and how to apply them across the wide spectrum of modern life. Understanding is enhanced through ample opportunity for question and answer – within the privacy and camaraderie of the Retreat setting.On this Retreat meditators will deepen their practice with “industrial-strength meditation”, also known as Rounding. No prior experience of Rounding is necessary; expert teaching and supervision is included.The 4-day course to learn Vedic meditation is a pre-requisite for this Retreat.Spaces are limited. Register now to secure your place.


Neil Kirkbride

Neil Kirkbride is a master teacher who instructs in & lectures on Vedic meditation in the UK, USA, & Australia. After a successful 30-year career in finance & technology, he left corporate culture to focus on teaching meditation, & making ancient Vedic wisdom accessible & relatab...

Melanie Kirkbride

Melanie Kirkbride is an expert in personal transformation & professional development. For two decades as an advisor & coach, she has brought wisdom & guidance to individuals around the world. As a master teacher of Vedic meditation, Melanie’s students benefit from her warmth, i...

The Soft Road

Melanie & Neil have been in relationship for thirty years. This thriving alliance of two individuals – ever-evolving, exemplars of the Vedic worldview, individually, together, and in their business, The Soft Road - brings an enjoyable added dimension to those occasions when the...


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