Immortal Sisters Conference

August 25 - 30, 2017

Come to this first-of-its-kind, historic gathering of over 100 women practitioners of Taoist health and spiritual arts, The Immortal Sisters Conference – August 25-30, 2017

Join the rapidly expanding community of women practitioners of Qigong and Taoist spirituality who will gather together to inspire, learn from, and empower each other through sharing the ancient wisdom of “Returning to the Tao”

Presenters include Livia Kohn, Daisy Lee, Max Dashu, Saida Desilets, Lindsey Wei, Letha Hadady, Renu Li, Saumya Comer, Marie Favorito, Sharon Smith, Jamee Culbertson, Deborah Davis, Wendy Lang, Robin Wang, Marilyn Cooper and special guests, Eve Ensler & Julia Butterfly Hill!

Join us for an amazing week of knowledge and sisterhood.
Space is limited! Discounts are available for early registration and for 20 women under 30!