• Deluxe Queen – $590.00
  • Deluxe Double (Shared Room) – $0.00
  • Deluxe Double - Shared bath (Shared Room) – $0.00
  • Deluxe Quad (Shared Room) – $0.00
  • Tent Cabin Single – $0.00
  • Camping – $0.00
  • Commuter – $0.00
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Sage Sound Healing

May 19 - 21, 2017

2017  Sound Healing Certification
With Sage Academy Of Sound Energy

May 19 – 21, 2017

The Sage Academy Of Sound Energy offers a Certificate Program in SoundHealing — the study of the therapeutic effect of sound on human beings physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

    The Certificate program is a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with a broad perspective on this expanding industry, enabling them to focus on their areas of interest.

     The Certification program gets you to the point where you can utilize a variety of SoundHealing techniques for your own practice as a Sound Healer.  With a certificate from The Academy Of Sound Energy,  students should be better equipped to serve as practitioners, specialists, volunteers, interns, or even as members of a multidisciplinary treatment team within a health center or a community agency, as well as in a private healing or counseling practice.