The 2018 SoundHealing Training & Certification

May 11 - 13, 2018

2018 YEARLY SoundHealing Training & Certification from Sage Academy Of Sound Energy, New York


The 2018 SoundHealingTraining for Certification from Sage Academy will be facilitated by Lea Garnier & Beth Ylvisaker, with special guest teachers DrJohn Beaulieu and Michael Jay.

The Sage Academy Of Sound Energy offers a Certificate Program in SoundHealing — the study of the therapeutic effect of sound on human beings physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

    The Certificate program is a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with a broad perspective on this expanding industry, enabling them to focus on their areas of interest.

     The Certification program gets you to the point where you can utilize a variety of SoundHealing techniques for your own practice as a Sound Healer.  With a certificate from The Academy Of Sound Energy,  students should be better equipped to serve as practitioners, specialists, volunteers, interns, or even as members of a multidisciplinary treatment team within a health center or a community agency, as well as in a private healing or counseling practice.

We believe that the only way to truly absorb the teachings is by total immersion and a lot of practice time.  The retreat style setting limits outside distraction and enhances the deep focus needed for personal healing to occur, which in turn clears the way for the teachings to be experienced and deeply retained. 


  • The Fundamental Principles of Sound and Healing
  • The Practical Application of SoundHealing with the Tuning Forks
  • Himalayan Sitting and Standing Gongs: bells, bowls & gongs
  • Crystal Core Consciousness, a new awareness of our crystalline vibrating selves with the Singing Crystal
  • The Yoga Of Sound ~ Teachings on Nada Yoga & sound awareness
  • Astrology, Sent & Sound
  • Vowel sounds, Harmonic Overtone Singing, Shruti box, and call and response chanting for well being
  • Indigenous sound tools and how to use them for healing
  • Sound tools used in a SoundHealing private session as well as Sound Bath concert
  • Substantial amount of time is devoted for hands on practice in all areas

LINK TO SCHEDULE:–curriculum.html