Tibetan Tones® Master Class & Teacher Training

With Elaine Mackle

May 16 - 20, 2018

A 5 day intensive gives you the tools for focus to create and teach transformational sound massage, movement sessions and how to combine with classical Chinese medicine teachings.  An opportunity to learn a proven systems, and pass it on to other to transform the stagnation in our world. Once we have been touched by the tone of our own Soul, there is an awakening that compels us to pass this on to everyone.  “A Sonic Awakening is to know God.



Elaine Mackle
Director of Sonic Wellness -Tibetan Tones®. Elaine combines her practice of Classical Chinese medicine theories with Tibetan and Zen Buddhism as the foundation to her Tibetan Tones® therapies to give people a glimpse into their own true nature. A chance  for them to realize the illusion of illness and the spiraling snake like nature of energy. This is an amazing and gifted being with a life time of extraordinary  experiences and wisdom which she shares from the heart. Turning 63 this year, Elaine is now on a mission to train teachers I her systems.  Hence, her choice for Menla as…
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