• MENLA Deluxe Queen – $879.00
  • MENLA Private Queen Shared Bath – $817.00
  • MENLA Deluxe Double - Shared bath (Shared Room) – $705.00
  • MENLA Standard Single – $723.00
  • MENLA Standard Double (Shared Room) – $675.00
  • MENLA Standard Triple (Shared Room) – $643.00
  • MENLA Standard Quad (Shared Room) – $627.00
  • Shared Dorm Housing – $589.00
  • Camping – $573.00
  • Commuter – $575.00

Pricing includes Accommodations, Meals and Tuition

Location: Menla Mountain Retreat

Address: 375 Pantherkill Rd, Phoenicia NY 12464

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Shamanic Journey & Forms of Power

With Isa Gucciardi and Robert AF Thurman

October 7 - 9, 2018

The Shamanic Journey is a method of accessing inner wisdom through the meditative state. It is derived from a practice done by the healers, or shamans, of indigenous shamanic cultures. It is performed to gain insight and effect healing and has been a common practice of many indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. is an early pioneer of adapting the shamanic journey to a therapeutic practice. Her unique style of teaching the journey includes a process of inquiry that is transformative and helps students step fully into their own personal power. Counseling professionals will find this methodology useful in working with their clients.

The Monday evening class on loss of personal power and its retrieval will serve to help prepare students for the ceremony we will conduct on Tuesday morning at the new moon in Libra.

The 10 hr Shamanic Journey workshop will:

• Thoroughly ground you in a life-changing practice for spiritual inquiry that fits easily into even the busiest schedule.
• Provide tools and tips for framing questions and interpreting your journey experiences.
• Help you to know how to make the distinction between interpreting the often symbolic language of intuitive wisdom and engaging in magical thinking.
• Help you to explore and relate to unfamiliar fields of consciousness safely.

You will find this retreat especially beneficial if you:

• Seek to develop trust in yourself and your connection to your inner wisdom.
• Are eager to enhance your innate creativity or generate the momentum to get unstuck in some area of your life.
• Are ready to step into, and live the rest of your life as, your authentic best self.
• Have burning questions about who you really are and your place in the world.

What students are saying about The Shamanic Journey:

“The Shamanic Journey is one of the best things I’ve done for myself.”
– Meg D.

“I have felt an expansion of perspective and inner self esteem rooted in genuine personal regard since the Shamanic Journey weekend. I am quickened by this shamanic journeying process. Building the relationship with my guides and knowing they are committed to my development in a compassionate and wise manner is just what I needed. Utilizing the information gleaned in the journey is empowering and fruitful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Sarah H.

Retreat Schedule

Sunday October 7th

  • 4 – 6pm Shamanic Journey Training
  • 6 – 7 pm Dinner
  • 7:30 – 9:30pm Shamanic Journey Training

Monday October 8th

  • 7 – 8am Yoga
  • 8 – 9am Breakfast
  • 9am – 12pm Morning Program
  • 12 – 1pm Lunch
  • 1 – 3pm Free time for Relaxation, Spa Appointments or Sauna & Steam
  • 3 – 6pm Shamanic Journey Training (Completion of 10 hr Shamanic Journey Course)
  • 6 – 7pm Dinner
  • 7:30 – 9pm Evening Lecture on Power Loss and Retrieval

Tuesday October 9th

  • 7 – 8am Yoga
  • 8 – 9am Breakfast
  • 10am – 12pm Special Closing Ceremony
  • 11am Check out of Room
  • 12 – 1pm Lunch & Departure

Note: Schedule is subject to change at anytime


Isa Gucciardi
Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., holds degrees and certificates in trans-personal psychology, cultural and linguistic anthropology, comparative religion, hypnotherapy, and transformational healing. She has spent over 30 years studying spiritual, therapeutic, and meditative techniques from around the world. Isa is the creator of the ground-breaking therapeutic model, Depth Hypnosis, and the Founding Director of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. In addition to training hundreds of people to be spiritual counselors in Depth Hypnosis, she has taught thousands of students seeking personal growth in the Foundation of the Sacred Stream’s academic programs of Applied Shamanism, Applied Buddhist Psychology, Integrated Energy Medicine, and…
Learn more about Isa Gucciardi
Robert AF Thurman
Robert Thurman is Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University as well as co-founder and President of Tibet House US and it’s Menla Retreat & Spa in service of HH Dalai Lama & the people of Tibet. A close friend of the Dalai Lama’s for over 50 years, he is a leading world-wide lecturer on Tibetan Buddhism, passionate activist for the plight of the Tibetan people, skilled translator of Buddhist texts, and inspiring writer of popular Buddhist books. His most recent book is the 300 page graphic novel, Man of Peace: the Illustrated Life Story of the Dalai Lama of…
Learn more about Robert AF Thurman