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Sattva Vinyasa Prana Yoga Weekend Retreat

With Dani McGuire(Vani)

October 27 - 29, 2017

Join us on an inward journey into the foundation of classical Raja Yoga and Sattva Vinyasa. Enjoy daily morning meditation and Sattva Vinyasa classes and afternoon discussion of the yoga sutras. Enjoy your retreat with personal time to hike, journal, and share together.

Putting knowledge into embodiment as an inward journey into the foundation of classical Hatha Yoga. Enjoy sattvic meals, daily morning meditation and sattva vinyasa classes as well as Daily Raja Yoga Program and Sutra Study time.

Upon successful completion of this module students will be able to:
• Explain how the 4 chapters of the sutras relate to the 4 aims of life
• Understand the afflicting thoughts of the mind and have useful tools for mindfulness.
• Define and explain the purpose of Sadhana
• Define The 5 vrittis and kleshas and how they relate to each other.
• Describe the states of the mind and the four levels of the mind.
• Understand Right Relationship (Yama) and how this relates to us as yoga therapists with both our peers and students.
• Describe the inner and outer workings of the yamas and niyamas, and their effects.
• Describe Karma and Dharma, the power of attention and the fire of self-study.

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Dani McGuire(Vani)
Dani McGuire(aka Vani) has practiced yoga since 1995. She speaks many languages of yoga fluently, to meet students where they are. Having studied Classical Yoga, Tantra, and Ayurveda, her teaching is an alchemy of eastern philosophy and modern living. As a practicioner of the Ashtanga and Prana Vinyasa methods for 2 decades and viewing them from the lense of yoga therapy, she created Sattva Vinyasa(TM) method. Sattva Vinyasa, the regenerative flow, is movement therapy. Utilizing her knowledge in working with vinyasa flow practicioners, athletes, and dancers to prevent and repair repetitive stress injuries through intelligent movement. She is also founder…
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