Therapeutic Massage and Body Work

Menla’s Signature Tibetan Ku Nye Massage

An ancient Tibetan tradition, Ku Nye is a profound healing experience designed to open your body’s subtle-energy channels and clear any blockages. This massage consists of slow, rhythmic movements enhanced by the curative properties of warm Tibetan medicinal oils which are applied from head to toe. See the Tibetan Therapies page for more information on a variety of extended Ku Nye options.

Depart fully invigorated with a deeper feeling of contentedness & relaxation.

Basic: 90 minutes $195 (individual) or $375 (couple)
Extended: 120 minutes $250 (individual) or $485 (couple)

Soothing Hot Stone Massage

There’s nothing like heat therapy to melt away stressors in your mind and muscles. Surrender as warm stones are placed on your body, bringing instant relaxation and calmness, and then massaged gently over your muscles to release tension.

Depart feeling deeply relaxed & stress free.

60 minutes $135 (individual) or $255 (couple)

Swedish Relaxation Massage

This gentle massage consists of long strokes, with light to medium pressure, to help release stress and fatigue in your body. It is delivered with a meditative blend of organic coconut oil infused with a personalized selection of organic essential oils.

Depart feeling calm & centered.

60 minutes $135 (individual) or $255 (couple)
90 minutes $195 (individual) or $375 (couple)

Arnica Deep-Tissue Massage

This strong, full-body massage is delivered with healing Arnica oil to relieve muscle and joint pain and reduce inflammation in the body. This massage improves blood flow, increasing oxygen in your body and promoting overall wellbeing. Recommended for computer-related tension.

Depart feeling relaxed, with muscle tension relief.

60 minutes $135 (individual) or $255 (couple)
90 minutes $195 (individual) or $375 (couple)

Shiatsu Massage

During this Japanese acupressure massage, you remain fully clothed as your practitioner applies firm finger pressure to specific meridian points. This helps to unlock tightness and tension trapped in the muscles. The treatment concludes with a nurturing head, scalp, and shoulder massage. This massage is recommended for chronic stress, tension, and fatigue.

Depart feeling a sense of spacious fluidity.

60 minutes $135 (individual) or $255 (couple)
90 minutes $195 (individual) or $375 (couple)

Thai Yoga Massage

This oil-free energizing massage is delivered with techniques passed down by Buddhist monks over countless generations. It consists of gentle stretches and kneading with firm thumb and palm pressure to stimulate your energy flow and circu- lation. This encourages toxins to be expunged from your body. During this treatment, you will remain fully clothed.

Depart feeling flexible & invigorated.

90 minutes $195 (individual only)

Personalized Well Being Massage

As each day is different, each body is unique. During this session your practitioner will tailor your massage specifically to your needs. Need more focus on your lower back and neck area? How about a soothing head and scalp massage? Whether you prefer gentle or firm pressure, this customized treatment is for you.

60 minutes $135 (individual) or $255 (couple)
90 minutes $195 (individual) or $375 (couple)
120 minutes $250 (individual) or $485 (couple)

Ayurvedic Massage Treatments

At least 24 hours advanced notice is needed to book these.

Ayurveda is a holistic Indian system based on the prevention of illness as the foundation of health and well-being, with all Ayurvedic treatments designed to restore equilibrium to your mind and body. We use warm nutrient-rich medicinal oils to deeply nourish your skin and promote overall rejuvenation.

Traditionally, Ayurvedic treatments begin with an herbal steam session, available upon request for an additional fee.

Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Body Massage

Tailored to your specific constitution, this deeply relaxing treatment combines warm medicinal oils with massage to help remove toxins, reduce pain and discomfort in your body, as well as balance and uplift your mind.

60 minutes $135 (individual) or $255 (couple)
90 minutes $195 (individual) or $375 (couple)

Abhyanga Massage with Shirodhara

This heavenly treatment begins with a full-body Abhyanga massage, followed by warm oils being poured continuously over your forehead to soothe your third eye chakra and pro- mote tranquility. Deeply nourishing for the scalp and hair, Shirodhara is recommended for stress and troubled sleep.

120 minutes $250 (individual only)

Abhyanga Garshana – Detoxifying Treatment

In this exfoliating treatment, your therapist starts by dry- brushing your skin with a silk glove. This stimulates your circulatory and lymphatic systems, preparing your body for the flowing and soothing Abhyanga massage. Recommended if you have cellulite and fluid retention.

90 minutes $195 (individual) or $255 (couple)

Vishesh – Invigorating Deep Tissue Massage

This is a powerful therapeutic massage consisting of vigorous strokes to stimulate lymphatic flow and relax deeper layers of your muscles and fascia. Vishesh can help dramatically improve circulation, reduce stress and tension, enhance your energy level, and detoxify your system.

60 minutes $135 (individual) or $255 (couple)

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

This detoxifying technique begins with a deep tissue massage and myofascial release to warm up your body using organic natural oil and powder. Your therapist then integrates Iyengar yoga stretches to help balance your nervous, respiratory, immune, and circulatory systems while improving muscle tone and range of motion.

90 minutes $195 (individual only)
120 minutes $250 (individual only)

Craniosacral Therapy

This is a deeply nurturing therapy where compression and blockages in your soft tissues are released through the gentle touch of your spinal column, sacrum, head, and neck to help rebalance the natural rhythm of your cerebro-spinal fluid. Leaving you feeling reconnected and harmonious, this therapy is especially recommended for migraines, chronic fatigue, stress, and joint pain.

60 minutes $135
90 minutes $195


At least 24 hours advance notice is needed to book these.

Reiki Healing

Meaning ‘universal life energy’ in Japanese, Reiki uses a laying on of the hands technique to channel positive healing energy in to your body, helping to release any unwanted energy including stress. Reiki can be a moving energetic experience and is recommended for headaches and sleeplessness.

60 minutes $125

Sound Bath

A beautiful meditation where harmonic vibrations are created by singing bowls, gongs, and other resonant instru- ments. While you sit or lie down, this bath of sound waves stimulates alpha and theta brain waves, associated with a deep meditative state. Sound healing synchronizes your brain and body, releases stress, and enhances inner peace and relaxation.

60 minutes $150

Tuning Forks

By tapping two tuning forks together, or with gentle placement on pressure points, the sound stimulates healing vibrations throughout the entire body. Within seconds, your body enters a deep state of relaxation. This vibrational therapy enhances your body’s biochemistry bringing the nervous system, muscle tone, and organs into harmonic balance. You will depart feeling centered with your mind at peace.

60 minutes $135


Our unique results-oriented facials are delivered using the pure and vegan pAra brand of aromatic products, created from 100% raw, organic, wild botanicals harvested with ethical and sustainable farming practices. Each facial includes a luxurious skin-firming face massage.

Nourish & Hydrate

Your treatment begins with a Komala Cleanser made from aloe, raw honey, and argan oil, followed by a comfrey and calendula facial steam. Your skin is gently exfoliated with hibiscus and amla seed oil, followed by a raw honey, clay, and turmeric mask. This facial ends with an application of Immortal Face Oil made from nutrient-rich rosehip and chia seeds, leaving your skin smooth, nourished, and hydrated.

60 minutes $125

Balance & Restore

Your skin is treated to a Komala Cleanser and facial steam followed by a deeply purifying mask and jasmine toner to rebalance the skin. A Chaya Beauty Balm made from chia, rosehip, argan oil, and frankincense is followed by an application of the Immortal Facial Oil, leaving your skin clear, nourished, and balanced.

60 minutes $125

Menla Customized Facial

In this treatment, your facialist tailors the pAra products used specifically for your skin type. This signature facial includes a deeply relaxing hand and arm massage during the mask application.

You’ll depart glowing inside and out!

60 minutes $125